The creator of the trademark Qtainer or Q-TAINER

  • is inventor of the first worldwide multi-layered flexitank system launched in 2000, a turning point in the flexitank industry.
  • in 2006 gave the initial spark to the public - mainly to end-users, operators, shipping lines and forwarders - to consider all aspects of the "bag-in-box" package flexitank and to offer safety approval certificates and to meet safety and public health requirements.
  • was participant of the inaugural Flexitank Working Group Meeting in June 2007 in Paris with the aim to develop a COA-recommended Code of Practice for the flexitank industry, covering such issues as: safe operations, testing, training, safety, environment.

the ultimate solution
for transport and storage
of non-hazardous liquids

"How safe are flexitanks?" T.W. Stahmeyer in BulkDistributor March 2006

BulkDistributor, first published in 1990 and well-established as the most comprehensive publication covering the liquid and dry bulk logistics markets with a worldwide circulation of over 6900, including over 4300 shippers and receivers of bulk products.

Safety controls for flexitanks
International Chamber of Shipping - Meeting April 4, 2006

"Safety first" answer to my article in BulkDistributor May 2006

"Theo Stahmeyer suggests that an industry standard is required - and I have been a strong proponent of this for some years."
Brendan McKenna, Company's president and COO of Trans Ocean Distribution

COA Meeting Flexitank Working Group May 2008 regarding the
proposed 'Industry Standard for Flexitank Manufacture and

Qtainer European Community registered Trade Mark
(owner T.W. Stahmeyer)

Qtainer-Qbalk The Box-of-bricks bulkhead "Qtainer-Qbalk"

Impact at containerships on flexitanks inside containers